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How do we know that we have not forgotten anything and that we are sure to receive everything on arrival?


Once the packaging is finished, all the packages numbered, the packing list signed by the customer, we load the packages in the container or truck and the customer checks all the numbers that pass in front of him and that he sees entering the container. At the end of loading, there must be the same number of packages on the packing list and on the check card.

Once finished, we close the container and put a lead, given by the shipping company. It is unique.

On arrival, first look and see if the lead was not cut and if the number matches that on the bill of lading established at the beginning (BL). This means that nothing has changed during transport. (If problem, especially do not open the container and have it noticed by the customs officers.)

All that remains is to do the reverse work and uncheck all the packages one by one coming out of the container.