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National removals

Our technical advisor is at your disposal to help you in this operation always delicate and a little stressful.

After his visit to your home you will receive a detailed quote mentioning all the specifics the move of personal effects. (Access, floors, elevator, parking, heavy objects ....)

Our office will see with you the most appropriate date for the transaction and the day you want to receive some boxes for your private belongings.

  • Equipment.

For the local operations we have specific recoverable material: blankets, plastic cases, devils and skateboards (for heavy objects), portable wardrobes,

Cartons are offered for private effects

The premises are protected (stairwell, elevator ...).

Adapted vehicles fleet.

  • Removers:

All the staff of AFRICA MOVE are experienced and trained according to the standard rules of the profession.

  • The operation

There is a visit of our Commercial to your house in order to assess the volume of furniture and other belongings you have.

Elaboration of the quote.

Reservation of the date of operation (ATTENTION: the end of the month are in great demand).

Forecast of the packing delivery date

Operation on the day and at the scheduled time.

Payment upon presentation of the invoice at the end of the operation.

  • Insurance

Vous avez la possibilité de prendre une assurance complémentaire pour vos effets personnels couvrant les risques de manutention en particulier.

You have the option to take out additional insurance for your belongings covering handling risks in particular.

The goods transport insurance are included in our quote..

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