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If I make my cartons does it change the price?


The general rule in international moving (except if requested and specified in the quote), the packaging of the non-fragile is the responsibility of the customer.

This includes: linen, toys, books, cookware ... etc ... 

For all that is fragile, it is not recommended to make your cartons for several reasons:

    1) Any package packed by the customer is not insured in case of disaster

    2) You do your cartons but we take care of the furniture, very difficult to separate this work financially speaking ..

    3) Packaging is very expensive in Africa because it is imported or, for locally manufactured cartons, the raw material is imported. And conversely compared to Europe for example, the labor is not expensive.

So doing your cartons will not change the price.

On the other hand, we give all the packaging you want before the operation for your private belongings and the non-fragile, and to pack what you want anyway.