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How is an airlift loaded?


Already, according to the airlines, there may be restrictions on the size of the packages. If cargo plane we can load crates of several m3 otherwise it's usually max 1m3.

Unlike the marine and truck, it is not the mover who loads on the plane.

It is therefore necessary to avoid at all costs a bulk move for air. Risk of breakage, of loss (according to the destinations there can be change of plane) ...

So you have 3 solutions:

Airline: the advantage is the security of the parcels. It's a box in which the effects are put. Disadvantage: volume and especially extra weight and not suitable for all aircraft.

Aerial pallet: packages are set on a pallet (molded and light, not wood) and filmed to make a volume to the maximum dimensions authorized by the airline. Depending on the overall volume of the move there may be several pallets. Packages are therefore secured. Handling by pallet truck.

Air Cartons: They are big boxes of about 1m3. Ideal for light things. If it's too heavy you have to opt for the pallet, more solid and easy to handle.