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How is an air quote calculated?


Contrairement à un devis maritime ou terrestre où seul le volume est important, en aérien il faut prendre en compte le volume et le poids.

Contrary to a maritime or terrestrial quote where only the volume is important, in aerial it is necessary to take into account the volume and the weight.

We first measure all the parcels to know the overall volume that will give us a taxable weight and then proceed to the weighing to know the actual weight.

Here is an example to clarify.

At the end of the packaging, we obtain an overall volume of 1m3. The taxable weight is 166kg (this is the rule).

Case 1: The actual weight is 80 kg. The airline will charge 166 kg (the taxable weight)

Case 2: The actual weight is 220 kg. The airline will charge 220 kg (actual weight)